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Awesome and award winning travel photography to inspire anyone who loves to travel and explore our amazing world

Lonely Planet’s Beautiful World

ISBN: 978-1-74360-787-9 RRP £19.99/US$29.99

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An awesome and thought-provoking portrait of our world that shares the wonder of some of its most extraordinary places – in 186 spectacular photographs.


Because the experience of being in a beautiful place is an emotional one, brought about through context (the people you’re with or not with, your mood and where you are in your life), our response to a place is personal and different every time you visit.


Such context disappears in a photograph, so Lonely Planet have cleverly created context by arranging the images in ten chapters reflecting aspects of life: Origins, Nourish, Untamed, Community, Celebration, Transformation, Space, Harmony, Monumental and Eternal.


This inspirational book takes you to some extraordinary places that you might never visit, but will enjoy viewing and marvelling at. It also confirms that we live in a truly beautiful world.

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