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Spa Wellbeing - an online travel and lifestyle magazine with a special focus on spas and wellness


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Information for Advertisers 

Spa Wellbeing offers a fresh advertising opportunity within an interesting and authoritative editorial environment. We are also growing our social media presence especially on Twitter and Facebook.

Advertisers can reach a specific target of existing and potential spa clients without wastage, making Spa Wellbeing an economical vehicle for advertising, PR and marketing. 

Advertorial features, competitions and promotions can also be produced to explain the benefits of a particular venue, product or service. 

  • Recent research shows that the global spa market has grown by 56 per cent since 2007*, despite a world economic crisis and natural disasters. Consumers have a growing interest not only in spas but about changing the way they take care of themselves  – not just their bodies but their minds, spirit, society and the planet.
  • Research carried out on behalf of the Global Spa & Wellness Insitute estimates a 27 percent increase in the number of spas worldwide in the last seven years: from 71,762 in 2007, to 105,591 in 2014, a figure that includes destination spas, thermal and medical spas, spas on cruise ships and hotel/resort spas. An increasing number now offer extensive wellness programmes with fitness training, stress reduction, detox and weight loss, complementary therapies and lifestyle makeovers. 
  • The first-ever analysis of the thermal/mineral springs sector by SRI International in 2014  showed a $50 billion global market, spanning 26,847 properties worldwide.
  • The UK, the spa sector is estimated to be worth £1.5 billion, with Brits taking over 14 million spa trips every year. Despite the economic downturn, interest in spas continues to grow, not just with the affluent ‘baby boomers’ who fuelled the industry’s initial success, but also with a younger generation for whom spas, fitness and wellbeing are an integral part of their busy lifestyles.

Spa Wellbeing’s reviews and features are written by leading travel writers and are aimed at this growing sector of the travel market.

Spa Wellbeing is edited by Catherine Beattie and published by Discovery Books & Publications 
29 Hacketts Lane
GU22 8PP
Tel: 0044 (0) 1932 400 800

*The Global Spa Economy study by SRI International, 2014.



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