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2016 – a challenging year

Mauritian frangipani


I’m writing this in the final hours of 2016, one of the most challenging (and painful) years of my life.

Alec and I both had major health problems but with outstanding treatment and care from the NHS,  plus the help and support of our fantastic family, we’re feeling almost as good as new!


Of course, 2016 has had many positive highlights too – the arrival of our gorgeous new grandson, family visiting from Sydney, get-togethers with friends and family, trips to Spain and enjoyable press visits to sunny Tenerife and lovely Estonia.


I researched and wrote a detailed tourism report after returning from Estonia in May,  only just making the deadline! Days later, I tripped and fell down the stairs, breaking my arm. It was unbelievably painful but the fracture was missed initially when I went to A&E. When the bruising and pain didn’t ease after about a week, a second X-ray confirmed the break and I received the corrct treatment. My visits to A&E  were just two of several hospital appointments I was to have in 2016.


I’ve not had the opportunity or inclination to write about Estonia or anywhere else since having major gynae surgery, following a cancer scare. Thankfully, the mass on my ovaries was benign, but I was quite poorly after the op and took a while to recover from the unexpected major surgery.  We managed to  get away for a holiday on the beautiful Hawaiian island of Maui in late November and I’m now feeling revitalised and looking forward to catching up on my feature writing in 2017.


So here’s to 2017 – we’ll be reviewing more fascinating destinations  in Spa Wellbeing in the coming months so please keep visiting the website and liking us on Facebook!


On behalf of the Spa Wellbeing team, I wish all our readers/visitors a wonderful year blessed with good health, happiness and personal fulfilment.



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