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A belated return…..



It’s almost halfway through the year and I can’t believe this is my first blog of 2018!

Writing a regular blog is fun but also hard work, as it requires enthusiasm, commitment and above all, consistency – attributes I’ve lacked in recent months due to difficult circumstances. Husband Alec suffered a brain haemorrhage and I went down with pneumonia. Such setbacks meant I travelled less and lost the momentum for blogging regularly.

Thankfully, Alec has recovered remarkably well and apart from the occasional memory lapse has no lasting physical sysmptoms. He’s lost weight, takes regular brisk walks and his blood pressure and blood sugar levels are greatly improved.

I’m happy to report that my blogging ‘mojo’  has returned,  rejuvenated by recent visits to Thermae Bath Spa and beautiful Lithuania.

I  look forward to sharing my travel and wellness experiences in the coming weeks and hope you’ll enjoy them.



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