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After the Christmas and New Year celebrations, a week in the Spanish sunshine.

A memorable Christmas and welcome to 2016!

Having a large and extended family, Christmas is always an extra busy time. Although our children have all flown the nest and have families of their own, we still celebrate this special time of year with all the festive trappings – lights, decorations, Christmas trees (inside and out) and family get-togethers.

This year was special as we had our daughter, son-in-law and three grandkids visiting from Oz, so the trees and decorations had to be in place for their arrival. It was wonderful meeting them at Gatwick after their long journey from Sydney  – three short weeks later, we were back at the airport, hugging them tightly and trying to keep back the tears as they returned home.

With the house strangely quiet without the children’s voices and laughter, the fairy lights put away for another year, cards and decorations taken down and the Christmas trees recycled, life was feeling bit flat. So, after tidying up the house and doing a mammoth wash, we’ve escaped to Spain for our first visit of the year.


Here on the Costa Blanca, we wake up to sunshine, the skies are blue and the temperature is around 17 degrees C. It’s comfortably warm enough most days to eat breakfast and lunch outside, cooler by the late afternoon and cold at night. We don’t have central heating, so keep warm wearing some extra layers and lighting a log fire most evenings.


This visit, we’ve masses of weeding to do – it seems every weed in Spain has taken root on our little plot, so we’ve worked hard and long, yanking them out and filling countless sacks that we take to the nearby communal recycling bins, which are emptied every day.


Despite the weeds and the cool evenings, we love coming here in the off season; a surprising number of restaurants and bars remain open, the beaches are deserted and the sunsets and views up and down the spectacular coastline and across the Med to the island of Ibiza, are to die for. Viva Espana!

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