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Elisabeth Rushton continues her luxury wellbeing experiences in Dubai with a pedicure at the Margaret Dabbs Sole Lounge in the opulent Level Shoe District of the Dubai Mall

Gold standard foot care

Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall


Margaret Dabbs Sole Lounge Dubai UAE

Margaret Dabbs is the lady celebrities call upon to get their trotters red carpet ready. Her international renown is so treat, that when Mohamed Alabbar, Founder and Chairman of Emaar Properties, was devising the opulent Level Shoe District in Dubai Mall in 2013, he approached Dabbs to open a clinic. Alabbar wanted the ‘best of the best’, and as far as he was concerned, Dabbs’ medical pedicures were the global gold standard. Certainly, the Emiratis are in urgent need of footcare; there are currently only a dozen or so practising podiatrists in Dubai, which has a population of over three million. This ratio, coupled with increasing numbers diabetes sufferers with concomitant foot issues, means that the demand for podiatry has never been greater, and Dabbs’ Dubai clinic opened at an opportune time.

Margaret Dabbs Sole Lounge Dubai represents Dabbs’ first foray into the international podiatry arena. I have visited one of Margaret Dabbs’ London clinics, but was excited to experience a treatment in Dubai Mall’s Level Shoe District, a place where beauty and stiletto heels go together like Cinderella and a lost gold Manolo. Nestled between Berluti and Dolce & Gabbana, and opposite the glitzy Vogue Cafe, Margaret Dabbs Dubai occupies the perfect strategic spot in shoe paradise. I walk down a short, gleaming white corridor to the clinic and am greeted by Amy, the delightful receptionist. I am whisked straight through to the treatment room, where my feet are placed in the capable hands of Shareen, who has spent six years working for Margaret Dabbs, four of which have been in Dubai. As I enter the room, I think to myself how strange it is that I have spent untold sums on my face and almost every other conceivable part of my body, but have largely neglected my feet, which bear the brunt of my hectic lifestyle on a daily basis.


Treatment chair, Margaret Dabbs, Dubai Mall

I am sat in a fantastic, space age massage chair as Shareen unveils her kit, which includes surgical blades, crystal nail files and buffers. Shareen emphasises that the equipment is sterilised thoroughly in between customers, and each individual tool is re-wrapped in sterile plastic packaging. This is a far cry from your average nail bar. Another difference is that the pedicure is performed on dry skin; the rationale behind this is that the texture of skin is altered when it is wet, which makes it less easy to treat. As Shareen works deftly on the calluses with her surgical blade, she enthuses about her passion for feet. We discuss how our neglect of our feet can lead to an increase in problems during later life. The spa industry has cottoned on to this neglect and has moved quickly to cash in on our calluses; trusted spa guides the world over identify foot care as one of the major emerging trends. And rightly so; the skin on the feet may be thicker but it can’t side-step ageing. The fatty pads wear down, muscle tone reduces, and the skin loses its elastin over the years; so it’s vital, as you get older, to give your feet a good seeing to at least once a quarter.

Medical pedicure Margaret DabbsAs she removes the excess cuticle with an electric buffer, she tells me about other treatments that are on offer in the clinic. Laser nail surgery is an extremely effective, relatively new treatment method for a whole host of unglamourous conditions, including fungal nails, bunions, ankle injuries, neuromas between the toes, as well as soft tissue injuries, such as plantar fasciitis. The clinic has also recently extended its laser treatment offering to include laser for the hands, targeting conditions such as wrinkles, age spots, and thinning skin. In addition, the clinic offers cryosurgery for veruccas, a bunion prevention programme, and custom made orthotics, made with a 3D laser scanner.

The final part of the treatment is a gorgeous foot massage, which improves circulation and skin tone. The moisturiser is Margaret Dabbs’ signature brand, which is made with emu oil (derived from the emollient feathers of the Australian emu bird), which is both anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory. After the treatment, my feet have been restored to a normal, healthy state. My toenails are looking so good that I decide to break with a lifetime habit of nail varnish. My feet look and feel brand new, and are now ready for their seasonal début. Above all, the value of the medical pedicure is that it concentrates on the entire surface, and health, of the foot. If you are in Dubai, I would highly recommend hot-footing it (excuse the pun) to the Margaret Dabbs Sole Lounge.



Margaret Dabbs Sole Lounge Dubai UAE

Level Shoe District
Ground Floor Dubai Mall
Dubai UAE

Tel: +971 (0)4 501 6688

Opening Times: Monday-Sunday: 10.00am to 10.00pm





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