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Pure Massage – an exceptional spa treatment

Every spa experience should be perfect

Pure Massage therapy

Don’t think what’s the cheapest way to do it, or the fastest way to do it. Think what’s the most amazing way to do it.

        Richard Branson


Pure Massage adds the wow factor to any treatment – whether you’re a spa guest wanting a therapeutic massage or a therapist looking to enhance massage skills.


Beata Aleksandrowicz’s Pure Massage Spa Training Method® works with spas to help therapists create an exceptional spa experience. The training increases knowledge of anatomy and physiology and teaches specific guidelines that address the health issues of the client, with a particular emphasis on problems and injuries. An initial assessment of the client’s health and expectations ensures delivery of a highly personalised treatment.


Because good communication skills are an essential element of successful and effective treatment, the method also includes verbal and non-verbal communication as well as the psychology of human behaviour. By focusng on the quality and purpose of the treatment, the result is happy satisfied clients and improved job satisfaction for the therapist.


An increasing number of spas working with Beata have enjoyed extremely positive feedback from their clients, many saying a Pure Massage is the best massage they have ever had.


Dormy House, named by The Good Spa Guide as one of the top five spas in the UK acknowledges that ‘ Beata’s training really shows in our massage technique.’


For further information on the Pure Massage Spa Training Method® and spas that offer Pure Massage visit



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