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Living mindfully in a digital world

Unplugged – how to live mindfully in a digital world

By Orianna Fielding

ISBN: 978-1-78097-573-3 RRP £12.00 176 illustrated pages

Published by Carlton Books

Book cover for UnpluggedCan you go for a walk outside without your smartphone or spend a day without logging onto Facebook? If you find either difficult, you should read this highly relevant and attractive book.

Unplugged is an essential guide to understanding how much digital technology and social media are dominating our lives. It offers advice, step-by-step programmes and mindfulness techniques to help restore the balance with our digital devices. Checklists and questionnaires are included to find out how digitally addicted we are, as well as hour-long, day-long and weekend-long detoxing programmes to wean ourselves off technology.

Practising mindfulness can help change our ‘to do’ list for a ‘to be’ list so we can to rise above the noise and re-learn to spend time with ourselves with eight mindful steps explained in detail. The book shows how ‘unplugging’ and going ‘off grid’ can enhance relationships, wellbeing and the joy of life.



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